Instituut Zeewind

INSTITUTE ZEEWIND, AN UNDERSTANDING IN AMSTELVEEN Institute Zeewind has been located in the “old village” of Amstelveen since 1995. Zeewind is not just a beauty salon. In addition to traditional treatments, we also focus on thalassotherapy, a treatment method that has a very revitalizing effect. These thalasso treatments have proven over the years that it […]

Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio

IT ALL STARTED WITH HYPOXI At thirty, my body started to change and I started to gain weight. I became more and more unhappy with myself. I came to 67-68 kg (UK 14 / DE 40 dress size) and did not feel well in my skin anymore. At that time, I worked as a prison […]


Nanofit treats complaints by means of Nanotherapy. A Nanometer is a small part of a meter, namely 1 billionth of a meter. By applying patented technology, NanoFit can reduce liquids to nano level (smallest particles up to 20 Nm). This allows us to painlessly transport fluids such as Hyaluron , which are necessary for the […]