Body Plaza Europe puts great effort and emphasis on establishing a long-term relationship with its partners. It is our dedicated goal to ensure we provide latest technology, proven and reliable quality and outstanding support at all times. Together we can revolutionize the future of the Beauty, Wellness, Health & Sport equipment.

Our treatments and solutions are suitable in beauty and preventative healthcare. Nano CellCare treatments allow our body to revitalize through regenerative “nutrition” of the cells. These treatments are not a cure, or medical treatment, they aim at strengthening the body and its vitality, to ensure the treated parts regain full capacity.


Commonly, treatments in the beauty and preventative health fields are reduced to anti-ageing and just the physical appearance. Nano CellCare goes further, and assists the body in regenerating and rejuvenating the concerned areas at cellular level. This provides unique and long lasting effects. Nano CellCare helps your body live at its potential!

Inner Beauty

Skin Care

Acne, Redness & Skin Tone.






Eczema & skin rash in allergies.


Skin Recovery

Scars & Burns.

Volume Recovery

Restoration of volume in breast & bottom tissue.



Face, Neck & Décolleté.


Nano CellCare is not a medical treatment, and does not cure inflammation, injuries or other medical problems, we focus on assisting the healing process by nurturing the cells with the necessary minerals, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Your body will then be stronger and more vital, to ensure other medical treatments have a greater effect, and that your cure will be long-lasting.

Inner Health


Joint pains & Migraine.

Joint and Muscle Recovery

Arthritis & Inflammation.


Asthma, Fibrosis & Increase oxygen uptake.

Chronic Pain Relief

Post Surgery & Tensions.

Hormonal Production

Balance & Boost.


Improve Hydration & Increase oxygen uptake.


At Nano Healthcare we have developed a commercial concept in which we not only provide the technical necessities to use Nano CellCare, but we also take our partnership a step further. Nano Healthcare provides full technical training, extensive marketing support for your location, European commercial terms, warranty and service support up to 5 years and asingle point of contact for all your concerns.

Together we are strong!

Full guarantee up to 5 years

99,9% uptime

Portable equipment

Turnkey solution

Exclusive German technology


At Nano Healthcare, we value quality and sustainability, loyalty and strive for long term achievement. Therefore, all our equipment has three years guarantee with an option to extend up to 5 years guarantee, as long as the guarantee is operational there will be an annual inspection back at the machine manufacturer.

With every inspection we will exchange your equipment with a another one, therefore you can continue working also during the inspection time frame.
This allows us to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatments, for the maximum allowed life cycle of 5 years.
With a 48h replacement promise, we ensure no customer has to miss an appointment.

Furthermore, through the leasing system at Nano Healthcare, you will be able to cover your financial obligations through the operating revenue, and do not need to provide any substantial monetary down-payments.

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