Nano Healthcare is the first to offer the possibility to “slow down” the clock of ageing, and to make your skin tissue and underlying muscles and tendons younger and healthier again based on Nanorization of natural ingredients.

Most customers feel and look years younger after just one cure.
The Nano CellCare equipment allows to work on cellular-level with a variety of active nutrients, leaving all existing techniques, creams and serums far behind.

By reducing the ingredients to nanoparticles from 20 to 600 Nm (nanometer) they could be transported easily deep into the skin layers by your own body, acting as a “sponge”, and accepted by the cells as organic material. By offering the important minerals and nutrition on cellular level the body will not reject it. Everything bigger than 600nm the body cannot accept on cellular level. By comparison, 1 millilitre of nanorized Hyaluronic Acid could regulate  1 litre of body fluid. Please note that the average person has 45lt of body fluid, therefore 1 millilitre could already have a huge impact on our body.

Nano CellCare offers the only technique in the world that makes this possible. 

Up to the muscle level, your cells can be fed with minerals from Salt of the Dead Seavitamin C and hyaluronic acid which are very important for our cells and quality of the tissues.

As a result, your lack of Hyaluronic acid; due to slowed down production; may be easily replenished at former levels, allowing your cells to renew themselves easier. This puts your cell integrity and your entire immune system to a healthier level, potentially preventing future problems.

Depending on your age, your genes and predisposition, a skin rejuvenation of up to 8 to 12 years can be achieved in just 6 months with once every week of treatment. Follow-up treatments can then be scheduled once a month or once every 2 months to maintain the achieved level.

The Nano CellCare therapy can be used as a local treatment such as skin rejuvenation in the face, as a localized vitality cure or in a cabin where the whole body is provided with the nutrients at once.
By feeding your skin with the nanorized nutrients, various problems often disappear like snow before the sun and it always revitalize your skin. With Nano CellCare we work on your health from the inside to the outside.

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