For the regeneration of the outer skin layer it takes at least 28 days at weekly treatments, for all the skin layers it takes at least 25 weeks. For physical areas of concern, four to eight treatments are advised.

The prices depend strongly on the combination of cartridges used. However, you can find single-cartridge treatments from €90, and combined treatments from €135. Regional offers can vary.

No. It is developed to complement traditional, alternative and preventative medical treatments, as well as therapists and beauticians.

A single-cartridge treatment takes at least 10 minutes, with multiple combinations up to one hour.

No. There are no physical or mental side-effects that limit your ability to continue with your day directly after a treatment.  There are no optical or aesthetic effects that would affect your ability to do anything.

We recommend a maximum of two treatments per week. Your body needs time to absorb and regenerate, therefore any more treatments would not achieve the desired increase in results.

No, our natural ingredients are good and healthy for every age and gender.

Concerning the treatment with the mineral salts of the Dead Sea, there are no known contraindications. The treatment with Hyaluronic Acid only has one know contraindication, which is directly linked to an active ongoing cancer therapy. Due to the effect on cell regeneration, you should consult with your Nano therapist.

No. Patients describe it as a pleasant and relaxing sensation.

Yes. There are no known negative side effects in combination with other treatments, beside active cancer treatment.

No. The frequency of treatments is completely up to the client. There are recommended intervals depending on the desired outcome. You should consult your Nano Therapist to establish our optimal treatment plan.

No. You can find all approved and trained Nano Therapist in our treatment locator. These therapist all received training, routine checks and annual technical maintenance, to ensure consistent quality.

No. The nano particles always have a positive effect on the treated area.

Yes. Our treatments are not affected by seasons, and can be done all year.

Yes. In many cases, clients feel less pain after a treatment. We therefore recommend that you remain cautious and careful, to avoid overdoing movements.

No. Nano CellCare treatments are not in the basic insurance, but it could depend from the Nano Healthcare therapist. Please ask your therapist during visit.

Every person and every area of concern is different. The effects of the treatment depend strongly on the quantity of treatments, the frequency and combination of cartridges. Our treatments help your body regenerate and rejuvenate, with an immediate effect, however, once treatments are stopped, the natural process of ageing will continue. Please look at the reviews of our clients and testimonials, most of the patients have long term effects after a whole cure and only need one or two treatments per half year or year to maintain the results.

No. Every treatment you make can result in experiencing aching or pain in the concerned areas, as this can be part of the healing process. However, the physical condition does not get worse. 

You can get in touch with your Nano therapist online, however, treatments will always be done in person.

Due to the complexity of the technology and its effects, you will be able to receive more information from one of our partners – which you can find in the treatment locator.

Yes. There are no concerns of drinking alcohol during a short- or long-term Nano treatment program. However, we don’t encourage drinking alcohol in combination, as it does not enhance the effects.

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