The unique cartridges, made in Austria, contain the optimal combination of ingredients for your treatment. Only the purest substances are used, to ensure an effective treatment, and avoiding any contamination during the treatment.

Hyaluronic Acid (HYA):

Our body naturally produces Hyaluronic Acid, which is critical for retaining water in our body, and keeping it moist and well lubricated. It is an essential and vital part of our body, and it reduces over time. When nanorized, Hyaluronic Acid is very potent for skin recovery, wound healing, joint pain, acid reflux, dry-eye and bone strength. There are more benefits, many of which are specific to the individual.

The treatments which benefit from HYA:

Minerals from Salt of the Dead Sea (SALT):
The mineral salt of the Dead sea has been used already in ancient Egypt, and has since become an essential ingredient in preventive health and medicine. With its composition of vital minerals, it has multiple benefits and effects on the human organism. Very commonly, Mineral Salt from the Dead Sea is used in the assistive treatment of Rheumatologic conditions, skin problems, balancing the natural pH levels, Eczemas and rehydrating the skin. The Dead sea salt becomes far more potent and efficient through the nanorization process.

The treatments which benefit from SALT:

The patented cartridges contain the natural effective substances for Nano CellCare. Bottling takes place in a certified pharmaceutical operation according to the provisions for processing and bottling of medical substances. The cartridges are disposable products with a fill volume of 5ml. The pharmaceutical operation assumes warranty for the cartridges and their content.  Recommendations on storage of the cartridges can be taken from the package leaflet. The empty cartridges can be disposed of easily in household waste.
Cartridge boxes
Cartridges placement

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