With Nano Healthcare, staying more healthy and vitally younger is now truly a reality. Simply compete with time, feel fitter and shine again like years before. We offer the first solution to slow down the clock of aging and helps the rejuvenation and recovery of your cell structure, your skin tissue, which could reach also the underlying muscles and tendons.

Our patented technology revolutionizes the beauty, preventative health and medical industries. Our focus lies with preventing chronical pain, inflammation and age-related problems through strengthening the cell structure in its core. We provide the necessary nutrition for your cells to rebuild and rejuvenate, enabling them to do their primary “job”.

Nano CellCare is not a medical device or treatment, it’s a process in which we assist your body restore itself, and works incredibly well with other treatments – medical, beauty or physical.

Nano CellCare is one of the key technologies of the 21st century, and it is looked at with great expectations. Products with perfectly new properties for applications in medicine, science, industry and different technologies have been developed. The large surfaces that characterizes nano particles lead to high reactivity as compared to larger particles of the same chemical make-up. The effects are accordingly. Toxicological data are very valuable in this context and are supported by the European Union in the form of international projects.


In many cases, nanotechnology is defined as solid colloidal bodies at a size of 10 to 1000 nm. The unique power and potential of nanotechnology at this size are due to the modification of material properties in visual, magnetic and electronic respects, the quantum effects. Traditionally, nanotechnology is classified into 4 technologies:

Please note:
Nano Healthcare only works with natural products which keep the same characteristics after the Nanorization process, therefore it could be said to be absolutely safe for direct use on the skin.

Entry gates for nanoparticles on the human body

Nanoparticles could enter the body on various routes:

  • inhalation through the respiratory system
  • skin absorption or penetration
  • through hair follicles and pores
  • through the digestive tract 
  • by injection


The Nano CellCare is not a registered medical cure or medicine in itself and works exclusively with natural substances, such as Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin C and minerals from the healing salt of the Dead Sea.


The Nano CellCare therapy is suitable for achieving essential increase of well-being, freeness from pain, a deep sleep and increase of physical and mental performance. It centrally affects the entire organism.


The effective mechanisms are activation of the metabolism within the cell compound, positive effects on the entire endocrine system, increase of the bio photon field of the body and neutralisation of free radicals.

To visualize what could be the effect of the Nano Particals coming out of the cartridges filled with water and nutrition:

A typical human Skin cell is around 40.000 nanometers and the avergae skin pore size is 50.000 nanometers.

The most relevant Bacteria are around 1.000-2.000 nanometers so could not enter our skin.

Water is around 0,25 nanometers, The hyaluronic acid particles are between 20 and 600 nanometers and the mineral salt is between 20 till 600 nanometers.

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