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At thirty, my body started to change and I started to gain weight. I became more and more unhappy with myself. I came to 67-68 kg (UK 14 / DE 40 dress size) and did not feel well in my skin anymore. At that time, I worked as a prison officer at Wormwood Scrubs, dealing with the prisoners on a daily basis. The stressful and demanding work prevented regular meals, which greatly contributed to my weight gain.

I discovered HYPOXI in August 2013 and decided to give it a go. I was extremely committed and strictly followed all nutritional guidelines. The appointment based program proved to be exactly what I needed to feel motivated as hard core PT sessions are not my thing at all.
I noticed first results on my return to work as my uniform trousers became much looser. complements from friends also contributed to my motivation.
Before, I was at my limit, now I was at the turning point.

Within 6 weeks I lost about 7 kg (dress size UK 8/10 / DE 34/36). And not only that, my lower body came back into shape, I lost fat just at the problem areas such as stomach, buttocks and legs.

At that point I made a decision to have my own HYPOXI Studio to spread the HYPOXI fame.

I feel confident in my skin and I want to help others to feel just as good. I also suffered for a long time with low self-esteem and know how difficult it is to get out of it. I'm there for my clients; my motivation is always my customer. It fills me with great satisfaction to see their growth both physically and emotionally. Since then, I have built long lasting relationships with my clients and it became apparent that there is the need for more. We all enjoy to be pampered and taking care of our physical health and well-being which is the key factor in feeling confident and happy within your body. I spend a lot of time listening to my clients and over time and learned a lot about them and their needs. I have decided to do my best and introduce some other high quality services to complement HYPOXI, so my lovely clients can have as many different treatments as they wish or need. As the result, at Dorota's Lifestyle Studio, you can now have a massage, reflexology, laser hair removal, beauty treatments and infrared body wrap. I am not stopping there. Please continue to check the website and social media for new treatments updates.

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28 Chiswick High Road
W4 1TE London Borough of Hounslow - United Kingdom

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