Essy’s Schoonheid – Steensel

Essy’s Beauty is a beauty salon located in a beautiful spot in Steensel. Esther is the proud owner of this newly renovated building. Esther stands for hospitality, clarity, no nonsense and fun. It has its own salon, training department, its own cosmetics line and a successful webshop this lady never quiet. Since 2019 she has […]

Hans Zwart – Podomed medical center in Veghel

Nano comes from the Greek word “nanos” and means dwarf. A Nanometer is a small part of a meter, namely 1 billionth of a meter. Thanks to a patented application, Nano Healthcare is able to reduces liquids to 40 Nm. With NanoTech therapy. This enables us to transport fluids such as Hyaluron, which are necessary […]

Astrid Beenacker – Nano Center Bavel

Astrid has started a Nano center in Bavel. After following the training courses to be able to give, she has now established herself in her own new practice. As a true athlete with a great love for golf, Astrid has come into contact with NanoTech Therapy. With a long history as a sports masseur, she […]

Balans en Voeding Venlo

Balans en Voeding Venlo Rob Visscher is married and father of 2 children. Rob used to do a lot of strength sports. Unfortunately, he got more and more injuries that forced him to stop. As a result, he became more and more interested in nutrition and what effect it can have on you. In 2013 […]

Linda Gruber – Nano Physiotherapy in Kapelle

Linda Gruber is a Physiotherapist with 13 years of experience. With quite a few years to her name, she fulfills the position as TPI Physical Therapist / Physical Coaching & MSU specialist at The DUTCH in Spijk. Independent entrepreneur for 3 years who has also specialized in Nano therapy since this year. Several specializations are […]

Interview Esther Maas (Essy’s)

Hello I am Esther Maas owner of Ess’y beauty. I am a distributor for beautyproducts and also a trainingscenter for beautician. As a beautician i work with several methods and work with the Nano CellCare for almost a year now. I rely on my instinct, i prefer to work with natural products and give treatments […]