Astrid has started a Nano center in Bavel.
After following the training courses to be able to give, she has now established herself in her own new practice.

As a true athlete with a great love for golf, Astrid has come into contact with NanoTech Therapy. With a long history as a sports masseur, she has always had a great interest in the human body and the sports injuries that come with it herself.

Personal touch and warm welcome, professionalism and persistence until the problem is solved, this is what Astrid stands for.

NanoTech Therapy, Nano Center Bavel is located at Bavelseweg 157, nearby Golf course Princenbosch. Here I have a spacious space at my disposal with enough parking. With NanoTech Therapy she treats common complaints in a painless way.

With NanoTech Therapy equipment, she can work at the cellular level with a variety of active nutrients and building materials, leaving all existing techniques, creams and serums far behind. She also works on pets.

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