Hello I am Esther Maas owner of Ess’y beauty. I am a distributor for beautyproducts and also a trainingscenter for beautician. As a beautician i work with several methods and work with the Nano CellCare for almost a year now.
I rely on my instinct, i prefer to work with natural products and give treatments knowing that it is not tested on animals.

How did you get involved with Nano CellCare?
Formal sales consultant gave me information about the Nano CellCare. I read a lot about this treatment. We tested it on a client about his experience. The result was amazing, so my feeling about the therapy gave me the convidence to add this to my salon.

How is your opinion about the effect of Nano CellCare?
I did the treatments myself, because i had a lot of headaches and the effect was suprising. It gave immediatly relieve and less tention in my neck and sholders.
I asked my clients to do the treatments and to give me their resultaat. Everybody who did the treatment were very pleased and charmed with this treatment. The problems were as good as solved and felt less pain where they were treated. For me this is a great feeling. I want to give my clients the best treatment and attention,they have to feel good and comfertable.

My priority is to help people with their physcal and health problems.

If you are looking for an reliable company, i recommend Body Plaza Europe for the service, trust and honesty.

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