Instituut Zeewind

INSTITUTE ZEEWIND, AN UNDERSTANDING IN AMSTELVEEN Institute Zeewind has been located in the “old village” of Amstelveen since 1995. Zeewind is not just a beauty salon. In addition to traditional treatments, we also focus on thalassotherapy, a treatment method that has a very revitalizing effect. These thalasso treatments have proven over the years that it […]

Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio

IT ALL STARTED WITH HYPOXI At thirty, my body started to change and I started to gain weight. I became more and more unhappy with myself. I came to 67-68 kg (UK 14 / DE 40 dress size) and did not feel well in my skin anymore. At that time, I worked as a prison […]


Nanofit treats complaints by means of Nanotherapy. A Nanometer is a small part of a meter, namely 1 billionth of a meter. By applying patented technology, NanoFit can reduce liquids to nano level (smallest particles up to 20 Nm). This allows us to painlessly transport fluids such as Hyaluron , which are necessary for the […]

Essy’s Schoonheid

Essy’s Schoonheid is the beauty salon in Steensel led by Esther Maas. Her salon space is decorated with the themes of nature, animals and scenic tranquility. This is the ideal environment for her to carry out the many modern treatments herself. She has developed her own vision and theories of beauty and treatments. The starting […]