I am Vincent Heppener, 49 years old and living in Zaandam.

How did you get in touch with the Nano CellCare treatment?
Because of my wife, she is a sales agent and working at Body Plaza Europe. She told me about this treatment. So I thought let’s try it!

What were the complaints?
I have 2 hernias. Because of the (new) hernia (which I do not want to treat, because there will be no result) one foot does not work properly. Because of my work as a painter my body needs to be in many positions.

What kind of treatments did you do before?
Fysiotherapy, different kind of massages, Manual therapy! A whole list.

How many treatments you have had already?
I have had 4 treatments!

How do you experience the elaborate of the nano treatment?
The pain stay longer away. Normally when I am watching a match with my son I have to sit after a while now it feels much better. I sleep better and less pain when I am working. It is a relieve for me. I think the result will be different for everybody!

Do you recommend the NanoTech Therapy?
It is definitely a worth it to give it a try!!


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