My name is Tessa van Bakel and I am 24 years old and I currently work as a receptionist at Van der Valk hotel, I like it well and I also have a social and pleasant life.

Hoe ben je in aanraking gekomen met de Nano CellCare treatment?
My best friend’s mother is in alternative medicine which I find very interesting and said that she had an acquaintance who is treating with Nano CellCare and asked if we wanted to try that too. And that’s how we came into contact.
My girlfriend and I were attacked a while ago and we had bruises and I had a broken nose. I had a lot of pain, I could not lie on it, not even on the side and that has given pulling complaints until last week.

How do you experience the effects of the Nano CellCare treatment?
Yes, certainly at my shoulders they respond very well, my blood flow clearly started. Not with the first treatment did I immediately improve. I have several complaints so it was a complex picture. Since he has treated less shoulders, the complaint has also decreased by 30%. I’ve now had 4. At the beginning of the treatments I was really in a lot of pain. And now the pain is really gone and I have no pain anymore.
The complaint of my nose was also complex, I also had a cap for it. It is very narrow at the top. When you take off the cap, you will feel that the pressure is going through the inflammation, and the treatment will certainly reduce it.

Are you experiencing side effects from the treatment?
No negative side effects it is very soothing.

How does the treatment feel?
Very calming, relaxed as if it literally blows through you.

Can you recommend the treatment?
Yes, I’m sure everyone responds well to it.



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