I am Pim, 42 years old and living in Steensel.

How did you get in touch with the NanoTech Therapy treatment?
My wife is had a Nano CellCare treatment, she is so positive about the results.
She said to me try this treatment. I was not happy at that time, so I tried it.

What were the complaints?
I was not feeling happy, no energy at all.

How many treatments you have had already?
I don’t know exactly, but 2 times a week. Then 2 weeks between. I think around 10 treatments.

How do you experience the elaborate of the Nano CellCare treatment?
After 3 treatments my friends, family and wife noticed that I am more positive about life. In the beginning my face, my headaches stayed away. I feel much better.
Because of my stress and headaches I could not sleep well. After the treatments I sleep much better, this helps me to be a happier man.

Do you recommend the Nano CellCare treatment?
Yes, but is hard to explain what the treatment can do for you as a person.


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