My name is Olga Wintermans and I am 53 years old, mother of two children and love to travel

How did you get in contact with this treatment?
I came here through my bio-resonance doctor. Because of my age I got a lot of pigmentation at one point. I already had those once in my pregnancies and they are now starting to sit in my neck on my chest and arms. It’s a kind of Melasma. I’ve had lasers and all peels but they work temporarily and they come back every time.

How do you experience the Nano Healthcare treatment?
I really experience it as very relaxing, you just lie comfortably and because of the treatment you notice that you come into a relaxation. For example, I’m going to yawn and it’s over in no time, because something that is relaxing doesn’t last long, something that is exciting lasts a long time so I experience it as very relaxing and completely painless. And what I notice now is, it hasn’t gone away but my skin has just become less erratic, so the pigmentation spot blends more into each other.

How has Nano Healthcare improved your quality of life?
I came for the pigmentation and that has become softer. At some point I thought I accept it, but it really has become less. I have much less complaints to get out of bed with a little rheumatic feeling. That’s actually completely gone. My skin has become much more radiant; people tell me I look younger and ask what have you done? I just feel smoother. And if I have a cold or minor complaints or whatever, it is over faster, and when I have had another treatment, it goes away much quicker. Wounds heal better so yes it is an overall rejuvenation cure. That’s how it feels.

Do you recommend Nano Healthcare?
I definitely recommend anyone who has certain complaints to take this treatment, it just works. It’s new and I know that people are very often shy of new things. But if it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt. And I can guarantee that it is good for a lot of things, I advise everyone to do Nano CellCare!



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