Hello i am Marieke Hijkoop and I am 39 years old and livin in Hogerloon.

How did you get in touch with the Nano CellCare Treatment?
My beauty therapist told me about this new method. She asked me to try some treatments.

What are you complaints
My skin has coarse pores, so the treatments I tried in my skin. If we an do something about this it would be great. I was very sceptic. I am like let’s see the results ☺.

What kind of treatments did you do before you tried Nano CellCare treatment?
I did the peelings, massages and masks. Like in a normal manual treatment. The Nano CellCare treatment you can not compare with anything else.

How many treatments did you have already?
I have had 11 treatments until now. With 1 week between the treatments. After the 2nd treatment I felt different in a very good way. My skin felt different, I had a very dry skin. Tis changed right away. In the first place you think this has nothing to do with the treatment. But after 4 times you can not deny it anymore. It is not only the skin but also the mind. You feel better in any way. Also there is this glow after the treatment. It is a very special experience.

How does the treatment feel?
You feel a nice sensation like a mist. With the salt you feel a tinteling. It is a very relaxing treatment.

Has the treatment have any side effects?
Let me think…. Mentally you also feel a lot better, this sounds weird but the effect is also on the mind. You have more energy in the morning. Total health is going forward.

Do you recommend the treatment?
Yes you have to experience it yourself. And as sceptic as I was, I can not explain this. I really really recommend the treatment to everybody.


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