I am 23 years old an a student nurse.

How did you get in touch with Nano CellCare treatment?
A female friend of mine did some treatments, she told me about the therapy and she was very positive about the treatment. I have migraine and she thought it would be something for me.

Wat where you’re complaints?
Migraine because of acute migraines. After some treatments it got better. But i fell of my horse and I broke my tailbone.

How many treatments did you get?
8 treatments in total

How did you experience the treatment?
Ever since I got the treatments I did not get any attacks this was for 2 months. Then I got some stress but the migraines where less painful and were gone much quicker. So I was treated for both issues. I really believe that because of the treatments it got me up quicker and better.

Did you got any side effects?
Positieve, I felt much better after every treatments. It is not right away gone

How does it feel?
I feels very relaxing, you feel some goosebumps and tingling

Do you recommend the treatment?
Yes I recommend this for sure! Especially for people who are having migraines and experience pain.


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