I am Jolanda 50 years old and living in Oorschot.

How did you get in touch with the NanoTech Therapy treatment?
I am a client of Essy’s for a long time. When she introduced the NanoTech treatment I wanted to do it immediately. Because I wanted to see what the results could be.

What were the complaints?
I have a lot of headaches and around my eyes there are wrinkles.

Did you have any other treatments before the Nano CellCare treatment?
Yes I have a special medicine for the migraines.

How many treatments you have had already?
In the beginning I got a lot of treatments, then I needed less treatments. Now I am satisfied and stopped the treatment.

How do you experience the elaborate of the Nano CellCare treatment?
It is very relaxing, I had the treatments only on my face. The sensation after the treatment feels that I have had an upgrade. My headaches are almost gone. If I have an headache, and I get a treatment you feel it is going away. Normally I wake up in the night, now I am sleeping for the whole night. My face has now more volume.

Do you recommend the Nano CellCare treatment?
I recommend this treatment because it helps with rejuvenation, but also for my headaches. So this is helpful for all people who have health problems.


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