My name is Ilone Reijnders, I am 24 years old and I come from Brabant from Deurne

How did you get in touch with Nano CellCare treatment?
Through my mother, my mother is a shiatsu masseuse and Wybe has known him for a long time. My mother is in regular contact with Wybe and she told me what my complaints were and that she could not help me with it and then he proposed to come and treat.

What were your complaints?
A while ago my girlfriend and I went out and then we were attacked. I got a hit on my head and so I suffer from a concussion, what I got from that, I also had a sore throat and was also nauseous. Could not function.

How many treatments have you had?
4 treatments

How did you experience the treatment?
I am someone who does not expect anything and always think it can be better than expected. I thought I’ll just try. If it does not work, it does not work and if it does work, that is nicely taken with you. It just turned out above expectations. I am very happy with it that it helped. I am quickly out of concentration because of the blow and since I did the therapy I have no more problems with it. Don’t be distracted anymore.

What side effects do you experience from the treatment?
I am at home because of my complaints and the doctor forced me to take a rest. Before I started therapy I went to work but got emotional and got a lot of stimuli. And it took me a lot of energy to be at work. After the treatment I could stay longer at work up to 15 hours.

How does the treatment feel?
In the beginning I didn’t feel much of it. It greatly relieved my headache. I felt some tingling and got a lot more energy after the treatment. I really often had to reach for paracetamol but that is no longer necessary.

Do you recommend the treatment?
Yes, certainly at work I have talked about it a lot and recommend it to everyone. You have to find out for yourself how it works. For me it helped.


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